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Want to make a career of helping others? Our undergraduate majors and minors offer hands-on, technologically oriented programs of study. You can put your new skills to use immediately at schools and clinics, including the WVU Child Development Laboratory (Nursery School), professional development schools and the WVU Speech and Hearing Centers. You will not only add professional experience to your resume, but build lasting relationships with professionals in your field.

Undergraduate Majors

undergrad CDFS

Child Development and Family Studies

Students who choose to pursue a bachelor of science degree in child development and family studies (CDFS) may select a professional focus from a wide variety of areas. This allows students to qualify for a greater variety of employment opportunities, including but not limited to childcare specialist, early childhood teacher, developmental specialist, child life educator, parent educator, extension specialist and family life specialist. Field placements at the WVU Child Development Laboratory (Nursery School), pediatrics unit of Ruby Memorial Hospital and other community agencies concerned with youth and families offer opportunities to apply classroom theory to actual situations.
Learn more about the Child Development and Family Studies bachelor's program.

Child Development and Family Studies Online Program

Birth to Age 5 with Pre-K Certification Option

CEHS's new Bachelor of Science in Child Development and Family Studies Program - birth to age 4 with Pre-K Certification option - is ideal for off-campus individuals who must obtain a degree with certification in Pre-K to maintain their employment in the field of early childhood education, as well as for other off campus individuals who want to enter the field with a four-year degree. Learn more about the CDFS Online program.

elementary ed

Elementary Education

A traditional four-year program on campus at West Virginia University, the bachelor of arts in elementary education degree prepares students to earn teacher certification in multiple subjects for grades K-6. Students will work in classrooms for four semesters prior to the final student teaching semester, granting them over 600 hours of real-world experience in local schools with professional educators as mentors. Faculty-led study abroad opportunities are also available for students who wish to explore education programs and methods across the globe. Learn more about the Elementary Education bachelor's program.

student on computer

Regents Bachelor of Arts

The Regents Bachelor of Arts (RBA) degree program is an innovative, foundational bachelor’s degree that is designed to meet the unique needs of the non-traditional adult learner. Courses are offered, both on-campus and online, with a higher degree of flexibility than most undergraduate programs.

In this program, students are encouraged to design their own individualized program of study based on their interests and specific career goals. Learn more about the Regents Bachelor of Arts program

spaSpeech Pathology and Audiology

Speech-language pathology and audiology are exciting professions in which practitioners provide services for individuals of all ages who have speech, voice, language, swallowing, hearing, and/or balance disorders. This pre-professional program emphasizes education in liberal studies, anatomy, and physiology of the speech and hearing mechanisms, development of speech and language skills, awareness of cultural diversity and its relationship to communication, phonetics, and a broad introduction to communication sciences and disorders. Students are first admitted to the pre-speech pathology and audiology (Pre-SPA) program of study and matriculate as such during their freshman and sophomore years. After completing the necessary Pre-SPA requirements, students may apply for admission to the bachelor of science degree program in Speech Pathology and Audiology. Learn more about the Speech Pathology and Audiology bachelor's programs.

multidisciplinary studies

Multidisciplinary Studies in
Education and Human Services

The Multidisciplinary Studies (MDS) Program offers individuals the opportunity to design a unique program of study tailored to develop the knowledge and skills that will help them get the career they want. Students develop a breadth of knowledge in a chosen career path by choosing from our array of minors, as well as minors available across campus. An MDS student at CEHS will choose three minor areas (two must be from CEHS) and must demonstrate how these fields of study work together toward his/her educational and/or career goals. Learn more about the undergraduate minors available to choose from, below. Learn more about the Bachelor of Arts in Multidisciplinary Studies program.

special education

Special Education

For those who wish to specialize in Special Education at an undergraduate level, an undergraduate additional endorsement in Pre-School Special Needs (PreK-K) is available to students enrolled in the Bachelor of Science in Child Development and Family Studies Program. Students can also choose a special education focus in the Multidisciplinary Studies program

wvu teach

Want to be a science or math teacher? Consider WVUteach and major in science, math, chemistry, physics, biology, engineering, or even pre-med while also taking the opportunity to work alongside master teachers to get hands-on classroom and teaching experiences! If teaching sparks your curiosity and you'd like to pursue it as an extra career option, WVUTeach will help you earn a license to teach high school while completing your major, with no added time or cost. 

Undergraduate Minors

Child Development and Family Studies  Disability Studies  Early Intervention  Family and Youth  Human Services  Infant and Toddler  Special Education