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10-Minute Video Series on Course Design and Teaching

I would like to extend my invitation to every instructor in CEHS to make your own 10-minute videos on your best practices on teaching, course design, or use of technology. Please feel free to contact me if you have some ideas in mind. - Li Jin

WVU Research Office and the Research Corporation 

Best Practices For Proposal Submissions

IRB Training Videos

Discussion Board Features and Best Practices

In this two-part video, Dr. Li Jin highlights discussion board features and best practices:

Part 1:

Part 2:

Online Collaboration

Dr. Li Jin highlighted six aspects an instructor may consider when design appropriate online collaboration activities: Goals, Participants, Tasks, Technologies, Operational Norms, and Outcome Assessments. 

Supplemental Materials

Dr. Melissa Hartley presented her ten best practices in facilitating online collaboration: Live Introductions, Formation of Groups, Providing Students with Meeting Space, Group Roles, Stages of Group Development, First Group Activity, Subsequent Activities, Synchronous Sessions w/Group Work, and Class Routine. 

Training Handouts

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