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Teaching and Learning Technologies Center

Guidelines for Use of TLTC Rooms

If you have never used one of the TLTC rooms before, it is advisable to schedule a time with our staff, after you've reserved your room and before classes start, so that you can be trained in the use of our systems. 

If you are teaching in rooms 401, 403, 405, 407, 414, 418, or 404E, then you are responsible for ensuring that the room is reserved for your class and that it has the required software available on the computers. If you are unsure of what software is installed on the computers in your reserved room, please make time beforehand to have a TLTC graduate assistant show you. 

If the required software is NOT installed, please request the installation of your software at least one week before you need the software for your class. Please submit software installation requests to the TLTC staff. If you need special software (outside of what we currently offer) to be purchased, you will first have to procure funding from your department.  

When using TLTC computers, you will need to log in with your MyID username and password. Be advised that the first time you log in it will take several minutes to set up your desktop for the account. For this reason, it is suggested that you visit your reserved room before the class to allow time for login/setup on your instructor desktop. 

No food or drink is allowed in the classrooms with computers and/or carpet. The instructor is responsible for ensuring that students follow that rule. 

Please be courteous and end your classes on time. Other instructors/classes may be waiting to get into the classroom.

All classes must end at least 15 minutes before the TLTC closes for the day. This allows the TLTC staff to properly close down the rooms and leave on time. 

Please do not overfill the classroom. Each classroom accommodates a certain number of students and it is against our building safety codes to exceed that limit. 

If you notice any technical issues with any of the computers in your reserved room, please immediately alert a TLTC graduate assistant so that they can remedy the issue. 

Special note for room 414: When using this room and the laptops available, you will need to provide the TLTC staff with a list of dates and a number of laptops you will need set out at least one week before your classes begin. If you do so minutes before the class is scheduled to start, the laptops will not be ready for you.