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10 FAQ's on eCampus and ERS 2017 Spring Training Recording 

Gradesync Tool Tutorial

Troubleshooting Video: Student Preview

This video shows how to solve the problem of not being able to see group activities or assignments under "preview" mode, due to the updates of the eCampus at the beginning of Spring 2015. 

New Features of SP14

New service packet 14 has been installed to Blackboard Learn on May, 2014. Some new features have been added, such as semester-long Collaborate Video Conference rooms are provided in each course; Date Management tool that gives instructors the ability to twist dates when the content is being copied over from another course, and Inline Grading feature that allows instructors to view, comment, and grade assignments on the same page.

Please refer to the SP14 New Features document for an explanation of new features. 

Known Issues of SP14

There are some issues with especially Learning Modules. For example, users may experience problems with assignments inside of Learning Modules when they use Firefox. Assessment items, such as assignment or quiz, will show up on students’ view as overdue regardless of submission status. There is also problem with assessments that allow multiple attempts.

Please refer to the following documents for known issues with SP14. 

Collaborative Video Conferencing Tool

Starting from summer 2014, When you go to the Collaborate page inside of your course, you will see that you have a room for the class and a room of you as the instructor that are set up for as long as the course lasts.

Below is a PPT you may want to use for the first session of your Collaborate class. Please check the Notes to each slide on activities to take the students through the major features of Collaborate. 

A user manual for students can be found at the following link:
Instructions on how to get a phone access number in Collaborate can be found at the link below: