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CEHS Student Ambassadors

To apply to the CEHS Student Ambassador program or to obtain more information, please read the information below. If you have any questions, please e-mail Kim Klaus at

Student Ambassador’s also support the departments within CEHS. To request student ambassador participation in a one of your events or activities, please email Kim Klaus at

About the Student Ambassador Group

Student Ambassadors is an honorary group of 6-12 students selected from undergraduate and graduate programs in the College of Education and Human Services. Its purpose is to provide service to the College through participation in recruitment events, phonathons, and alumni events, form close relationships with alumni, and generate loyalty and pride for the college. Students must apply each year but may only serve two years. Students may not participate during student teaching. The program provides many opportunities for students, including:

  • Student Ambassadors develop expertise in public relations (meeting people, public speaking, and representing the College at public events). As they improve their skills, they gain the confidence vital to success in job interviews and career advancement;
  • Student Ambassadors feel more connected to CEHS because they are involved in a close-knit, nurturing organization;
  • Student Ambassadors enjoy providing service to a dynamic organization;
  • Student Ambassadors have the opportunity to work closely with and learn from the College of Education and Human Services faculty and staff;
  • Student Ambassadors broaden their network of contacts among faculty, staff, students, and administration for pleasure, campus activities, and references upon graduation; and
  • Student Ambassadors build leadership skills and a professional resume.
  • Student Ambassadors are rewarded by the prestige of the position and will receive a small stipend.

Student Ambassador Duties

  • Inform prospective students and parents interested in WVU’s College of Education and Human Services about all facets of WVU life -- academic programs, faculty and students, physical facilities, social opportunities, and student services
  • Assist with important public relations programs including high school counselor conferences, College of Education and Human Services Open House programs, and community service projects (5 hours only).
  • Personalize the College by making campus visitors feel welcome, comfortable, and positive about WVU by demonstrating sincerity, enthusiasm, credibility, interest, and helpfulness
  • Lead tours of the building and related spaces
  • Maintain college Facebook/Twitter etc.  for recruitment
  • Mentor incoming students
  • Others as they arise

Eligibility to Serve

To be a member of the CEHS Student Ambassador program, students must:

  • Be enrolled as a full-time student in a CEHS program
  • Complete the required application, reference waiver form, and the Reference form checklists which is to be completed by three different references
  • Complete a FASFA form
  • Provide a transcript indicating good academic standing (3.0 or better);
  • Be able to complete 25 hours of service per semester for the College of Education and Human Services for one year; and
  • Complete a successful interview.

Ineligibility to Serve

  • GPA falls below 3.0. If the GPA falls below a 3.0, the student will be dropped from the program. S/he may reapply when the GPA is 3.0 or above
  • Displays negative and/or inappropriate attitude for this position
  • Enrollment falls below “full time”
  • Loss of good standing in community or institution and
  • Failure to fulfill the duties and standards of the program (including attending meetings and performing weekly service hours (2 infractions will result in dismissal from the student ambassador program)
  • Enrolled in student teaching.
  • Does not complete at least 10 hours of the 25 hours of service required under Eligibility to serve per semester.

Oversight, Selection and Compensation

A college committee of 4-7 (one from each department, one Alumni Association representative, one from Advising, and the Director of Events/Alumni) reviews applications, interviews students, and selects ambassadors for the following year. The committee focuses on creating a diverse group of 6-12 ambassadors, representing all departments. Students applying for a second year of service need a second application and updated transcripts to be considered. The same committee decides ineligibility issues.

Application deadline will be September 1 for service during the current year (Fall and Spring semesters).

The Assistant Dean for Student Services oversees this program and chairs the selection committee. The Director of Events and Alumni Services administers the day to day functions of the program, including assignment of duties and verification of service hours.

Students earn a small stipend per semester for their participation in the program.  Ambassadors will submit an annual reflective report to the Director of Events/Alumni Services at the end of each semester. Renewals are based upon merit review.

Ambassadors will also be given a shirt to be worn at events.

Become a CEHS Student Ambassador!

To join the student ambassador program, you must download and complete the following:

Download Student Ambassador Application Packet

Please bring the required documents to:
Kim Klaus
708A Allen Hall
WVU Evansdale Campus
355 Oakland Street
Morgantown, WV, 26506

or mail them to:
WVU College of Education and Human Services
Attn: Kim Klaus
P.O. Box 6122
Morgantown,WV 26506