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Become a Teacher

Those who wish to be teachers in the state of West Virginia must first earn a West Virginia Teacher Certification. West Virginia requires that all teachers hold a bachelor's degree, complete an accredited West Virginia teacher certification program, and pass the required PRAXIS tests.

For those pursuing a teaching career at the undergraduate level, the College of Education and Human Services (CEHS) offers the Bachelor of Arts in Elementary Education program.

For those who already hold a bachelor's degree, but are looking to further their education, pursue other teaching certifications in other areas of emphasis, or to simply make a career change into the field of Education, CEHS offers the following graduate program options:

Student Teaching

In order to gain valuable, real-world experiences and knowledge in the field of education, students majoring in teacher education at CEHS are often required to student teach. Student teachers will observe classroom instruction and will also teach, under close observation and mentorship of professional educators. Before a teacher education student is allowed to student teach, however, he/she must first pass a background check as a pre-requisite to obtaining a student teaching permit.

Background Checks

Safety is our first concern. Therefore, all teacher education students who wish to obtain a student teaching permit must first pass a background check.The West Virginia State Police has contracted with L-1 Enrollment Services to conduct the electronic scanning and submission of fingerprints for the CIB and FBI& background checks. For more information on the procedures and fees involved in submitting oneself for a background check, please view our Background Check page.

West Virginia Student Teaching Permits

Note: Permit applications that do not include a transaction receipt from a background check will not be considered.

To obtain a West Virginia Student Teaching Permit, students must complete the proper application forms and submit them for processing and consideration to the West Virginia Department of Education. Learn more about the application forms and their submission process at our Student Teaching Permits page.

Teacher Certification

If you have never been certified to teach in the state of West Virginia, you will need to apply for initial teacher certification. To do so, students must pass the appropriate PRAXIS series tests and and will be required to submit the test scores and proper forms to the West Virginia Department of Education for processing and consideration. CEHS has a teacher certification officer on staff, to answer any questions and to help with the application process. For more information, please visit our Teacher Certification page.

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