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CEHS Research Office

Office Mission and Goals

The Research Office of the Associate Dean for Research and Graduate Studies will serve as the catalyst for identifying opportunities, facilitating interdisciplinary projects, and working with campus-wide initiatives related to CEHS faculty research and external funding efforts.

Primary Goals:

  • Developing the capacity of CEHS faculty and the college’s infrastructure to submit high quality, competitive proposals for external funding and, thereby, increase the number of proposals submitted by and awarded to CEHSfaculty;
  • Strengthening the research capacity and output of the College of Education and Human Services through establishment of a one-stop research support center to (a) better utilize undergraduate and graduate research assistants in faculty research, (b) increase the number of research publications in top tier professional journals, (c) increase research collaborations within the college and across campus, and (d) prepare graduate students as educational researchers;
  • Establishing an integrated, systematic approach to external funding for the College by working closely with faculty to produce timely, competitive proposals that fit the College’s mission and goals, and which are aligned with the professional skills and knowledge of the faculty—including identification of collaborative strengths such as STEM teacher preparation, mental health counseling or therapy with military veterans and family members, or improvement of literacy education—and broaden the participation and success of underrepresented groups in all levels of education and human services enterprises; and,
  • Facilitating the acknowledgement and utilization of CEHS expertise by working with other Associate Deans for Research across campus and with the Office of Sponsored Programs to integrate CEHS faculty into interdisciplinary, cross-campus, and multi-campus external funding endeavors.