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OUr research makes a difference

CEHS faculty engage in work that advances knowledge and impacts theory, policy, and practice in West Virginia schools, communities, families and beyond.

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Our Research Commitment

Faculty member works with student on research

As the College of Education and Human Services at West Virginia’s flagship institution of higher education, it is our responsibility to conduct research that advances knowledge and contributes to discussion and action surrounding issues impacting West Virginians and others beyond our state.

Our research practices align with the most rigorous standards of academic and professional integrity—we are committed to research that is data-driven, objective, and independent of undue influence. We pursue scholarly endeavors that translate to practice for educators, counselors, and clinicians in West Virginia and beyond. 

Research Publications & Grants

Kristen Moilenen

Helicopter parents and ‘hothouse children’—WVU researcher explores the high stakes of family dynamics

Dr. Frankie Tack and Dr. Jessica Trolio with former WVU faculty Sara Anderson

WVU researchers investigate the impact of the statewide opioid crisis on teachers

College of Education and Human Services Office of Research

The goal of the CEHS Research Office is to build, sustain, and support a college-wide research community in which faculty, staff, and students across departments and areas of expertise give and receive support around our individual and collective research endeavors. There are both large and small things that can contribute to building such a college-wide research community, and the focus of the Research Office is to support these efforts. From conception of ideas, to grant writing, to research dissemination—we are here to help!

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Melissa Luna
Melissa Luna
Associate Dean for Research, Associate Professor, Science Education