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Celebration of Scholars: Poster/Presentation Evaluation Criteria

Participants in the CEHS Celebration of Scholars event will be evaluated based on the following criteria:
  • Poster Content
    • Title is clear and reflects the content of study
    • Information presented on poster is clear and well-structured to assist audience understanding
    • Significant/important research problem/question; research objectives clearly stated
    • Theoretical perspective is presented and appropriate literature is cited
    • Methods are appropriate for research problem/question
    • Results are robust and logically derived from data
    • Discussion/conclusion is compelling
  • Poster Display
    • Clear, legible/readable, no typographic errors; well-designed--including color scheme, font, images
    • Figures and tables properly formatted and clearly convey sample characteristics/study outcomes
  • Presenter
    • Displays knowledge and understanding of poster content; able to clearly explain the study and its outcomes
    • Speaks fluently and effectively about poster research content; fields questions ably and with enthusiasm