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Student Scholars Symposium

Friday, April 26, 2019 at 12:00 - 2:00pm

WVU Natural History Museum (Percival Hall 301)

Undergraduate and graduate students are invited to present posters of their research projects, capstone projects, masters’ theses, or dissertation research (either independently or in collaboration with faculty members or other students). All forms of educational, human services, and applied social sciences research are welcomed. Research in progress is also welcomed. Work presented elsewhere (i.e., other academic conferences and meetings) is also acceptable.

Important Dates:
  • Registration Deadline: Monday, April 22 at noon
  • Volunteer Judging Notification: Monday, April 22 at noon
    Faculty members and non-presenting graduate students only
  • Symposium: Friday, April 26 at 12:00 – 2:00pm
    Participants will be expected to arrive at 11:30 to set up their posters.
All presentations must be in poster format.
Diagram of poster size ANSI E demonstrating 34 inches wide and 44 inches high

Posters MUST be printed in the “ANSI E” format (34” W x 44” H, portrait orientation).

The provided template is formatted to the correct size along with suggested font sizes to ensure that your poster can be read from 3-4 feet away.

Download 2019 Poster Template (PPT File)  

Students will be responsible for printing their poster.

WVU Libraries
Awards for Research Merit

Presentations will be evaluated by faculty and graduate students based on content, technical components, and oral presentation.

Download 2019 Rubric

Faculty and non-presenting graduate students interested in volunteering to be a judge, please email Megan Mikesell at by Monday, April 22 at noon. 

Students with outstanding poster presentations will be awarded:

Graduate Student Awards
  • 1 st - $150
  • 2 nd - $100
  • 3 rd - $50

Undergraduate Student Awards
  • 1 st - $150
  • 2 nd - $100
  • 3 rd - $50



  • Collaborative work with faculty members is accepted, but the student must be the first author.
  • Authors are not required to be CEHS students, but the faculty advisor must be affiliated with CEHS.

Please proofread your information carefully. It will be used for the printed and online program. Changes cannot be made after registration.

Student Scholars Symposium Committee
  • Dr. Melissa Patchan (lead coordinator)
  • Dr. Kimberly Meigh (CSD)
  • Dr. Jeff Daniels (CRCCP)
  • Dr. Melissa Luna (CILS)
  • Dr. May Yuan (LSHD)
  • Megan Mikesell (graduate student)

For more information, please email Megan Mikesell at or Dr. Melissa Patchan at