WVU Connect: Empowering Mountaineers to to Help Mountaineers

Mountaineers are known for helping other Mountaineers, and this year, the WVU Alumni Association is introducing a platform that will empower our community to do just that. This platform, called WVU Connect, will serve as a bridge for mentorship, engagement, and connection in the WVU Community. 

We are excited about this platform and we know that its successful implementation begins with you! You may have already received an invitation, but if you have not, all WVU alumni can now join at wvuconnect.com!  Upon joining, you will be able to participate in one or more of its many benefits including: 

  • Reconnecting with classmates 

  • Sharing job postings 

  • Offering mentorship to current students and other young alumni 

  • Creating and sharing events in your area 

  • Staying up to date on WVU news 

Early next year, the Alumni Association will be launching a full mentorship program, strongly tied to the networking opportunities on WVU Connect, and in January, students will have access to create an account on WVU Connect and seek mentorship and connection with our thousands of engaged alumni.   

When you create an account on WVU Connect, or if you already have, be sure to join the College of Education and Human Services Group to stay up to date on current events and to reconnect with some of your classmates.  

Because of people like you, we are able to make initiatives such as WVU Connect a success and we look forward to engaging with you in this new networking and mentorship program.  

To join now, visit: http://wvuconnect.com/.

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