Student Spotlight: Anne Roth

Growing up, Anne Roth always knew that she wanted to be a teacher.

“Even in high school when everyone was trying to decide what they wanted to do in college, I just knew teaching was the right path for me,” Roth said.

Inspired by influential teachers in first and fifth grade, as well as her Spanish teachers throughout high school, Roth decided to pursue both her passion for elementary education and Spanish through CEHS’ Five-Year Teacher Education Program. By earning her degree in elementary education with a Spanish minor, Roth hopes to become the kind of teacher who can bridge the communication gap for parents and students who are non-native English speakers.

“I started taking Spanish in eighth grade, and I really enjoyed it,” Roth said. “I really hope to work in a Spanish immersion elementary school to help communication between myself, my students and their parents.”

As part of her academic program, Roth now spends a large part of her week in classroom placements. Before this, she volunteered at Suncrest Middle School.

“I volunteered there every week and it gave me the opportunity to interact with the kids,” Roth said, “It really helped me and I’m so happy I did it.”

After finishing her program, Roth intends to pursue additional certification in Spanish to meet the qualifications for working in an immersion school. She hopes to work with second grade students.

Until then, Roth is maintaining a busy schedule as a WVU student. She is a member of both The Pride of West Virginia Mountaineer Marching Band and the WVU Figure Skating Team.

Though the Five-Year Teacher Education program was Roth’s primary draw to WVU, the figure skating team has enriched her college experience. Roth joined the figure skating team the fall semester of her freshman year. The figure skaters have grown as friends and teammates, adding six new members this semester and participating in 5 a.m. rehearsals and practice sessions.

“We are so excited to start our practices and competition season,” Roth said.

From figure skating practices to practicum hours, Roth is taking every opportunity WVU has to offer her. Ultimately, she hopes that these experiences will prepare her to make a difference in the lives of her future students.

“I had teachers who were role models to me and now I want to be a role model for someone else’s child,” Roth said.