CEHS graduates emeritus celebrate Emeritus Weekend

On June 3, 2017, CEHS Graduates Emeritus gathered for a reception to celebrate Emeritus Weekend, a University-wide event that recognizes graduates of 50 years or more.  The weekend,  full of events, sessions, tours of campus and more, allows emeritus alumni the opportunity to reminisce and reconnect with their beloved alma mater.

Currently there are over 13,000 Graduates Emeritus for all of WVU.  Of those, 2,176 are graduates of CEHS.   We are proud each year to have the opportunity to celebrate and remember the past with our many emeritus alumni, as well as our emeritus faculty.  

This year, as WVU celebrates its 150th anniversary and CEHS celebrates its 90th, we interviewed the group about their time in Morgantown and learned about the WVU of the past, a time when:

Commuter students would pass time between classes by staring out the windows in Elizabeth Moore Hall.

Students lined up around the block to watch two movies for the price of one at the local movie theater.

The Dean of Women, Edna Arnold, insisted that freshman woman meet her every Thursday afternoon for tea. Required attire included elbow-length gloves. “If she told you to do something, you did it,” one alumna said.  

Students who lived in the dorms had a curfew.

All freshman males had to wear high black socks and beanies to eat in the dining hall, a rule that was enforced by a WVU football player who guarded the door.

Female students who wore shorts for physical education courses had to cover themselves with trench coats while walking across campus.

group photo of graduate emeritusgraduate emeritus group

For more photos from the 2017 CEHS Graduate Emeritus Reception, please view the photo album on our Facebook page!

To learn more about the Graduate Emeritus weekend, which takes place the first weekend in July each year, visit http://www.alumni.wvu.edu/events/graduate-emeritus.

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