January 2018

Student Spotlight: Tara Turley

For RBA student Tara Turley, earning her bachelor’s degree is about much more than the academic prestige. It’s about setting an example of determination, hard work and the power of education for her two growing daughters.   

“I wanted to pursue my degree so that I would always have something that no one could ever take away from me again,” Turley said. “No matter what I do with my life or where I go, I will always have the satisfaction of a higher education and the ability to feed my children.” 

New endowment established in light of national teacher shortage

A newly established CEHS scholarship from Drs. Donald and Catherine Perry Cotten will support undergraduate and graduate students pursuing degrees in teacher education. 

“As major supporters of public education, Catherine and I believe in every person having access," Cotten said. "If it had not been for that access, in my case, I would not have been able to do what I have done and continue to do. We are pleased with the current spirit at the University in promoting and continuing to serve the state and the community. We hope our small gift will help continue to support the mission of our land-grant institution.” 

Faculty Spotlight: Alex Hollo

Dr. Alex Hollo discovered her passion for helping students with high-incidence disabilities as a tutor in a program for at-risk youth managed by Vanderbilt University.

Though Hollo’s undergraduate degree was in English literature, her work with this program quickly inspired her to further her knowledge in special education.