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Interdisciplinary PhD 
In education

The Interdisciplinary Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Education Program provides a rigorous course of study along with mentored research and teaching experiences to enable students to achieve core educational objectives as scholars in four specialization areas. Several thematic contexts critical to our state and region will provide the platform for the study of education and achieving the competencies in each area. These unique themes include: the rural nature of our state context, the poverty many children and families live in throughout the region, and the cultural context of Appalachia, all as they impact education. The research interests of faculty members participating in the program address aspects of these themes.

Note: Since the PhD in Education is designed to prepare students for working in research oriented institutions in higher education, and emphasizes close faculty/student mentorship in research, it is an on site program and cannot be completed online.

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The PhD in Education program is currently only accepting students with an interest in the Curriculum, Literacy, and Cultural Studies major.