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Future Students

WVU has extended alternative delivery of classes through the end of the semester. Visit for the latest updates and view a message from President Gee at

First-Time Freshmen

The WVU College of Education and Human Services operates under the same freshman admission standards as West Virginia University.

WVU Undergraduate Student Admissions

Graduate Students

The College of Education and Human Services offers several master's and doctoral program options to our students. 

Admission to our master's programs is limited to holders of bachelor's or equivalent degrees from higher education institutions. 

WVU Graduate Student Admissions

Transfer Students

Transferring from one educational institution to another can be a difficult process, but West Virginia University is here to help. 

To be eligible to enroll as a transfer student, students must have at least a 2.0 grade point average in all college work attempted. In addition, transfer students who have fewer than 24 transferable credit hours must also meet WVU freshman admission standards. A few CEHS programs require a higher grade point average for transfer student admission.

WVU Transfer Student Admissions

International Students

West Virginia University has over 2,000 international students from 110 nations around the world. We welcome international students, and will help facilitate a wonderful educational experience during your time here. 

WVU International Student Admissions