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Awards and Recognitions

CEHS Outstanding Teacher Award

Outstanding teaching comes in various forms. Some who come to mind are educators who inspire the spirit of inquiry and curiosity in students, who are unique and creative in their presentation of information, who serve as excellent mentors and models when they advise and counsel students, whose students achieve commendably once they finish their degree program, and whose research often informs their teaching as well as the teaching of others.

You, I am sure, have your own definition of excellent teaching that might or might not be reflected in the previous paragraph. We ask that you think about the CEHS faculty members you believe exemplify excellent teaching and that you nominate them for this award.

Nomination Information

NOMINATION FORMS DUE: January  18, 2019. 
(2018 recipients, listed below, are NOT eligible for the award this year)

Fill out the nomination form online!

Or download and complete a physical copy of the Outstanding Teaching Nomination below:
Download Nomination Form

Physical copies of the nomination forms are also available in the Office of the Dean (Room 802 Allen Hall). They may be placed in a nomination box that is available in 802 or they may be submitted by email to Nomination forms are due by January 18, 2019.

2018 Award Recipients

  • Audra Slocum
  • Kimberly Meigh