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Awards and Recognitions

CEHS Outstanding Researcher Award

Each year, the RSPD Committee may select one faculty member to receive this award. The award is given for outstanding research and scholarly activity by a faculty member in CEHS during the reporting period covered by the award.

For the year 2019 award, the period is January 1, 2017 through December 31, 2018. ANY MATERIALS PUBLISHED OUTSIDE OF THIS TIME FRAME WILL NOT BE CONSIDERED.

Award Amount: $3,000

Please note: This award is to be distinguished from the WVU Benedum Awards, which are normally given for career-long research records.

Eligibility for Award

Tenured, tenure-track, research-equivalent, and clinical faculty in the College of Education & Human Services are eligible for the Outstanding Researcher Award, which is given without regard to departmental or disciplinary affiliation, core area, or type of research and scholarly activity. In all cases, the contribution must list West Virginia University as the nominee’s academic affiliation, no matter where the research and/or publication had been completed.

Definition of Excellence in Research

Examples of research and scholarly activity include the following: developing new information, critically examining new and/or old information, and writing scholarly manuscripts that get published as articles, chapters, or books or externally funded grant proposal(s) with substantial research potential that get funded during the time period for the award. These examples are not exhaustive. For these examples and similar work, the report(s) of the research must be intended for a professional audience and must be available through publication in a book, a refereed journal, or electronic media (or, in the case of grants, a submitted proposal plus award notification).  Manuscripts or proposals, submitted but not accepted, will not be considered.  The research must consist of at least one substantive publication or product of outstanding quality that extends the boundaries of knowledge in the relevant discipline, or, in the case of a funded grant proposal(s), has substantial potential to do so. However, in most cases only one publication is not likely to lead to an award.

Nomination and Application Procedures


Please nominate any colleague(s) that you feel would be a good candidate for this award, using the online form below. This form will close at 4:30 p.m. on February 15, 2019. 

Online Nomination Form (this form will open 1/1/19)

Nominees will be invited to submit an application in an electronic form – either a PDF or a Word document (due to Rosemary Hriblan, by 4:30 pm on March 22, 2019) that contains the applicant’s support documentation. A faculty member may also submit an application without having been nominated by a colleague, in which case the faculty member first will need to submit an online nomination form (at the link above) nominating him/herself.

Application Procedures

NOMINEE APPLICATIONS DUE:  March 22, 2019 (Deadline Extended)

  1. The following rules apply: (a) the same contribution cannot be resubmitted for an Outstanding Research Award after it has earned this award, and (b) a co-authored contribution can earn only one Outstanding Researcher award. For a co-authored contribution, one author may be nominated for this award or co-authors may be nominated separately for this award.
  2. Eligible faculty members may be nominated for an award in three ways:
    1. They may be nominated by another member of the faculty at West Virginia University, College of Education and Human Services;
    2. They may be nominated by a departmental committee charged with making such nominations; or
    3. They may nominate themselves.

    In the first two cases, faculty members will be notified by the College of their nomination and of the deadline for submitting their applications. In the case of self-nomination, the faculty member should submit his or her materials to the Office of the Dean by the deadline for receipt of completed applications.

  3. The full application must include the following materials:
    1. A portfolio of no more than 25 pages submitted electronically as one file (either PDF or Word document) to Rosemary Hriblan ( by March 22, 2019. The RSPD Committee will then review the portfolio.

      The portfolio should provide a narrative of the work to be considered for the award. The narrative should be no longer than 5 pages. The narrative should document the context and importance of the research. This should include a discussion of the nature and scope of the scientific or social problem addressed, previous related works published by the nominee, the place of the research in the development of critical trends in the discipline, the reason for considering the research outstanding, documentation of the quality of the research such as favorable reviews, impact factors of journals, # of peer review cycles, and whether or not grants applied for were funded. 

      Please note that for publications, grants, etc. in which the nominee is NOT the first author: The nominee’s contribution must be clearly described in the narrative.  The clarity of this narrative is extremely important for the committee in determining the scope and quality of the applicant’s work.

    2. The remaining 20-23 pages should include evidence/artifacts that support the information presented in the narrative.
    3. An updated curriculum vita.
  4. The College of Education and Human Services Research, Service, & Professional Development (RSPD) Committee will select the outstanding researcher nominee and forward his/her name and supportive materials to the dean. The final decision will be made by the College of Education and Human Services Dean. A single Outstanding Researcher Award may be given in any given year; however, if no candidate is deemed worthy of the award, the Committee or the Dean may choose not to select an awardee for that year. 

If you have any questions, please contact Carla Brigandi (RSPD Committee Chair) or a member of the RSPD Committee (Ashleigh CallahanKristin MoilanenLisa PlattSarah Selmer). 

Past Award Recipients

2018 - Melissa Luna
2017 - Vishakha Rawool
2016 - Kristin Moilanen
2015 - Monica Leppma
2014 - Margaret Glenn
2013 - Linda Schuster
2012 - Jeff Daniels
2011 - Reagan Curtis and Ken St. Louis
2010 - Norman Lass
2009 - Allison Swan-Dagen
2008 - Jaci Webb Dempsey
2004 - Sam Stack
2003 - Barbara Ludlow
2002 - Judy Abbott
2001 - Mary Haas
2000 - James Rye