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Awards and Recognitions

Dr. Laddie Reed Bell Distinguished Service Award

Laddie Reed Bell, former professor of Education Administration and Assistant Dean of the College of Human Resources and Education (now the College of Education and Human services), worked throughout his career to bring to his native state the best opportunities that education can provide. Dr. Bell served both our institution and our state, fostering strong relationships between higher education and the field. It is, therefore, most fitting that the Award, in his name, recognize individuals within our College who have made exceptional contributions to the achievement of our mission and the development of our programs. The Laddie Reed Bell Distinguished Service Award is accompanied by a cash award of $3,000. It is presented annually to an individual who has made notable contributions to service as defined by the College’s promotion and tenure guidelines. 

Definition of Distinguished Service 

Distinguished service refers to exemplary activities that promote and enhance the productive interaction of College programs and that respond to the needs of individuals and groups. Service activities are defined by the University and College in their guidelines for annual review and promotion and tenure of faculty. 

Eligibility for Award 

The award recognizes a College faculty member or administrator whose sustained service has facilitated the mission of the College of Education and Human Services. Nominees must be full-time faculty members or administrators in the College of Education and Human Services at West Virginia University. 

Period Covered By Award

There is no defined time period covered by the award. It can be for a long-term sustained effort or exemplary accomplishments over a shorter time period. 

Nomination Procedures 

Nomination Deadline: February 15, 2019

Please nominate any colleague(s) that you feel would be a good candidate for this award, using the online form at the link below. This form will close at 4:30 p.m. on Friday, February 15, 2019. 

Online Nomination Form (this form will open 1/1/19)

Self-nominations are permitted but also require the submission of the online form, above.

Application Procedures

Nominee Application Deadline: March 18, 2019.

Once chosen as a nominee for the Laddie R. Bell Service Award, your application materials must include the following:

  1. A portfolio of no more than 25 pages:
    1. Your portfolio should include a 2-5 page narrative description of the contribution(s) to be considered discussing the context and importance of the contribution (e.g., the nature and scope of the service related to the College mission and State of West Virginia), and the reason for considering the contribution outstanding. (Please limit the narrative to 2-5 pages). 
    2. The remaining 20-23 pages should be the supporting documentation about the quality of the contribution.
  2. An updated curriculum vita
  3. Letters from two individuals that testify to the nature and contribution of the service. 

All application materials must be submitted electronically as one file (either a PDF or a Word document) to Rosemary Hriblan ( The committee will then review the applications. 

If you have any questions, please contact Carla Brigandi (RSPD Committee Chair) or a member of the RSPD Committee (Ashleigh Callahan, Kristin MoilanenLisa PlattSarah Selmer). 

Past Award Recipients

2018– Allison Swan Dagen
2017 – Robert Waterson
2016 – Karen Haines
2015– Bernard Jobes
2014 – Carolyn Atkins
2013 – Ken St. Louis
2012 – Jane Cardi
2010 – Barbara Warash
2008 – Cheryl Prichard
2007 – Sam Stack
2006 – Anne E. Hirsh
2004 – Carolyn Atkins
2003 – Sita Misra
2001 – D. J. Hendricks
2000 – Kenneth St. Louis
1999 – Michael Yura
1998 – Ranjit Majumder
1997 – Van Dempsey
1996 – John Wells
1995 – Nancy Hoffman
1994 – Diane Woodrum
1993 – John O. Andes
1992 – Sandra DeCosta
1991 – Gwen Rosenbluth & Dennis Ruscello
1990 – James DeLo & Michael Oliverio
1989 – Michael Caruso