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and Staff

Recognitions and Awards

The College of Education and Human Services and our donors actively recognize and celebrate the accomplishments of our faculty and staff with a series of awards.

CEHS Outstanding Researcher Award

Each year, the RSPD Committee may select one faculty member to receive the CEHS Outstanding Researcher Award. This award is given for outstanding research and scholarly activity by a college faculty member.

CEHS Outstanding Teaching Award

This award recognizes outstanding educators who inspire the spirit of inquiry and curiosity in students, who are unique and creative in their presentation of information, who serve as excellent mentors and models when they advise and counsel students, whose students achieve commendably once they finish their degree program, and whose research often informs their teaching as well as the teaching of others.

CEHS Outstanding Staff of the Year Award

The purpose of this award is to acknowledge, celebrate and reward West Virginia University, College of Education and Human Services staff employees whose work accomplishments and/or demeanor at work exemplify excellence, quality service, loyalty and commitment to students in the College and West Virginia University.

Dr. Laddie Reed Bell Distinguished Service Award

This award recognize individuals within CEHS who have made exceptional contributions to the achievement of our mission and the development of our programs. It is presented annually to an individual who has made notable contributions to service. as defined by the College’s promotion and tenure guidelines.