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Teacher Education Resources

To teach in West Virginia, the state requires that you complete an accredited, state-approved teacher preparation program and pass the required PRAXIS tests. WVU teacher candidates are also required to complete and pass an edTPA, a nationally-scored teacher performance assessment.

Teacher Preparation Programs of Study

One semester prior to student teaching, teacher candidates will need to apply for a WVDE Clinical Experience Permit.  They will not be eligible to complete their student teaching without this permit.

  • Forms

    Information and forms for this process can be obtained online from the  West Virginia Department of Education .

    1. Form 7 - Applicant Consent/Release of Background Results

      Complete top box with Social Security number and name.  DO NOT SIGN THIS FORM UNTIL YOU ARE IN FRONT OF A NOTARY PUBLIC.

      There are notaries located in Allen Hall that can provide this service free of charge. Please contact your program's coordinator to assist with setting up an appointment. 

      Note: You will need to complete a separate Form 7 for  every county in which you will have a placement. Check with your program coordinator to determine how many forms you will need to complete.
    2. Form 24 - Clinical Experience Permit Application (2 pages)
      • Page 1, Applicant Information
        Complete parts 1-4.
        **If a misdemeanor on Part 2 is marked “yes”, the student will need to  provide documentation of criminal judgement AND a written personal statement
        Note:  Do Not Complete Part 5 or use Form 4B.
      • Page 2, Permit Information
        Complete only your name and Social Security number at the top.
        If there is a change of county school districts during placement you will also need  Form 24A application. For an out-of-state placement use Form  24B   application.

        Respective program coordinators or faculty members will complete Institutional Information, Part 1 and Anticipated Clinical Placement box.

        • Stephanie Lorenze – BA in Elementary Education
        • Melissa Kelley – Masters and Certification Program (MAC)
        • Jeffrey Carver – WVU Teach
        • Melissa Kelley – Special Education
        • Ashley Martucci – Child Development & Family Studies (PreK Certification, online)
        • Audra Slocum - English Education
        • Tiffany Mitchell Patterson - Social Studies Education
        • Jessica Blythe – Agriculture Education
        • Terese Giobbia – Art Education
        • Angela Munroe – Music Education
        • James Wyant – Physical Education
        • Tori Gilbert – Speech Language Pathology
        • Christine Schimmel – School Counseling

        JoDee Decker, WVU Field and Clinical Placement Coordinator, will then obtain the County Superintendents' signatures for each application.

        IHE and School/District/School Verifications, Part 2 will be verified, completed, signed and processed by Michelle Principe, WVU Certification Specialist.

  • Criminal Background Checks

    To be receive a WVDE Clinical Experience Permit, the student must complete Federal and State Criminal Background checks via digital fingerprinting through IdentoGO by Idemia which will require a visit to one of their LiveScan locations around the state of West Virginia.

    Once the  Form 24 Clinical Experience Permit application is submitted to the West Virginia Department of Education, the student will receive an email that contains a  Service Code to use when scheduling a fingerprinting appointment. (Digital fingerprinting appointments  cannot be scheduled without this Service Code.)

    Schedule a background check

  • Fees
    • Criminal background check/fingerprinting: Students can use debit, credit, check or money order at the LiveScan facility.  (CASH IS NOT ACCEPTED)
    • Clinical Experience Permit (Form 24): pay online through the  West Virginia Department of Education’s application payment system
      Please print a copy of payment receipt to turn in with the application.
    To see current fees, check the  WVDE teacher certification application website
    All completed forms and supporting documents must be returned to:

    Michelle Principe
    Teacher Certification Program Manager
    West Virginia University
    College of Education and Human Services
    608G Allen Hall
    P.O. Box 6122
    Morgantown, WV 26506

Initial Teacher Certification

Upon completion of one of WVU's teacher preparation programs, students will need to apply for a West Virginia Professional Initial Teacher Certification through the West Virginia Department of Education.

  1. Go to the  WV Department of Education Certification Portal
  2. Register for an account *
    * Applicants who already have a webtop account are still required to complete the registration process first before logging into the certification portal. This process will link your Webtop account to your certification records.
  3. Complete the  Form 20T Initial Teacher Certification
    Form 20S Initial Student Support Certification (School Counselor, Speech-Language Pathologist)

    Once the certification is submitted and verified by the WVU Teacher Certification Program Manager, an application fee will need to be paid online through the certification portal to the West Virginia Department of Education. 

  4. Form 7 Applicant Consent/Release of Background Results (physical form needs to be notarized, scanned and uploaded to ‘Supporting Documents’ within online application)
  5. Request an official  WVU transcript (PDF) to be sent directly to the West Virginia Department of Education's Office of Certification.
    • Under recipient type on the request form choose "Enter Recipient Manually"
    • Select "PDF"
    • Enter
    • Use the following as the physical mailing address:
      WVDE Office of Certification
      1900 Kanawha Blvd E
      Charleston, WV 25305

    Electronic copies forwarded from applicant's email are not accepted.
    IMPORTANT: Before ordering a transcript, students should make sure their degree has been awarded, which typically happens two weeks after the graduation date. Students can check their Mix account for a graduation date to appear or check their DegreeWorks page for 'Degree Awarded' to appear in the middle of the page. Only then, can transcripts be safely ordered. If ordered without the degree awarded, the WVDE will request that you reorder transcripts.  Missing grades or degrees will not justify resending a transcript at no charge. Transcript requests are processed immediately. If you are a recent graduate, please do not place your order until your degree has been awarded.
  6. Obtain Fingerprint and Background Check After graduating from a teacher preparation program and applying for a for your WV initial teaching certification, you will need to complete a West Virginia state and federal background check to receive your teacher licensure.

    service code will be sent via email once an application is submitted and on file at the WVDE. Use the  service code to register for an appointment.

    Schedule a background check

  7. PRAXIS The results of PRAXIS I, Praxis II Specialty Content Area test(s) for the certification area and record of completion of the  edTPA will be submitted to the WVDE by the WVU Certification Specialist at the time of application approval.

The edTPA is a nationally scored Teacher Performance Assessment designed to evaluate a teacher candidate's planning, instruction, and assessment skills. It was created by educators, for educators. Stanford University faculty and staff at the Stanford Center for Assessment, Learning, and Equity (SCALE) developed edTPA. It is a process completed during the student teaching semester by the teacher candidate with guidance from the university faculty. This assessment documents and demonstrates each candidate's ability to effectively teach his/her subject matter to all students.

It is intended to be used for teacher licensure and to support state and national program accreditation, and to support program renewal.

Learn more about edTPA

WVU edTPA Cut Scores

  • 13 Rubric Fields: 32 out of 65 - World Languages
  • 18 Rubric Fields: 44 out of 90 - Elementary Education
  • 15 Rubric Fields: 37 out of 75 - All other content/endorsement areas
NOTE: WVU educator preparation program edTPA cut scores are subject to change in future academic years.

Links to resources:

Background Check Information and Procedures

If you are located in West Virginia, you may schedule an appointment for a fingerprinting/background check with IDENTOGO online at or you may schedule via telephone at (855) 766-7746. You will need the  Service Code you will receive via email once the West Virginia Department of Education’s Office of Certification receives your application. Use the following step-by-step directions to schedule an appointment online:

  1. Visit
  2. Enter the  Service Code you received via email from the West Virginia Department of Education
  3. Select “Schedule or Manage Appointment”
  4. Enter your information as required in the next several screens
  5. Search for the closest enrollment center to schedule your appointment
  6. Select your center of choice
  7. Select date and time for appointment
  8. Review your information
  9. Students can use debit, credit, check or money order at the LiveScan facility. (CASH IS NOT ACCEPTED)

If you are located outside of West Virginia and cannot make it to a WV IdentoGo LiveScan fingerprint location, please see West Virginia Department of Education for instructions,  WVDE Fingerprinting Instructions

Questions? Contact Michelle Principe, Certification Specialist at or 304-293-3983.