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Office of Advancement

Web Development

In an increasingly digital age, maintaining useful websites is of the utmost importance. Our website analytics report roughly 4,000 - 7,000 active users, per month (depending on time of year), and it is essential that we present the most useful, organized, and up-to-date information to those users, as most are prospective students. Having well-maintained, concise, and informative websites will allow for better communication to current and prospective students and will greatly aid in student recruitment and retention. 

Update an Existing Web Page

If you have changes to an existing CEHS web page(s), please contact the CEHS Professional Technologist. In the interim, please contact Lindsey Kudaroski ( 

Update your Curriculum Vitae on a CEHS Site

If you are a CEHS faculty member and need to submit an updated version of your CV, to post below your photo on your departmental faculty/staff web page, please submit it via the online form at the link below. 

Submit an Updated CV 

Update Your Title or Contact Information on a CEHS Site

If you have a professional title or contact information change to apply to the CEHS Faculty Directory, CEHS Staff Directory, or the CEHS Administration page on the CEHS website, please complete the online contact update form.

Please Note: We can only make changes to CEHS websites. We cannot make changes/updates to the official WVU Directory or to websites not owned by our college. 

Request New Web Pages

If you are developing a new academic program, initiative, or center and you need a new website or web pages developed so that your information is available to view on the web, please contact the CEHS Professional Technologist.

Note: We do not allow individual academic programs to have their own website. Instead, we will create a web page (or series of pages) within your departmental website to house your program information.  We do so to allow a more streamlined web user experience, as opposed to forcing our users to bounce from site to site as they browse program information.