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Social Media Development

Share on CEHS Social Media

We know all of you are doing amazing things as you do your research and interact with students and the community, and we'd love to sing your praises on social media! Some of the things we'd love to share on CEHS social media include: recent publications, featured interviews in articles or other media, outreach events, research endeavors and impact, and more! 

Share Your Stories!

Develop A New Social Media Presence

With the ever-increasing popularity of social media, it is important for departments/centers/initiatives to develop a social media presence. CEHS has a Facebook page, a Twitter page, and a LinkedIn page on which to share college news, events, program developments, etc. However, we are a diverse college and we do suggest that each department develop and maintain a social media presence (even if just on Facebook) so that our student audience can subscribe to content that is more targeted toward their major. 

Before requesting assistance in starting a social media presence, please review WVU's Social Media Guidelines. Also, please note that you will need to properly maintain your social media accounts - meaning you will need to create new posts or shares at least once a week, but preferably two-three times per week as social media is meant to engage and interact regularly. 

Request Assistance with Social Media

Important Note:

Anyone who already has a Facebook account established for their department, center, program, etc. MUST make our assistant director of communications an administrator of the page. For instructions on how to do so, please contact

It is very important that we maintain our brand across all Facebook pages associated with CEHS. Also, we can help monitor for inappropriate posts from the public and will keep all accounts centralized so that if page ownership should need to change, we will still be able to retain and grant new access.