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Office of Advancement

Faculty Websites 

The CEHS Faculty Portal has been discontinued, as of June 1, 2017.

University Relations has developed a new process for WVU Faculty to request a website to house professional scholarly information. To request your own site, please visit the link below:

IMPORTANT NOTE:  Please use the following information when the form asks for your college communicator and professional technologist:
Communicator: Lindsey Kudaroski ( 
Professional Technologist: TBA

Request a Faculty Website

When you've completed your site development and are ready to launch, please contact the Professional Technologist to begin the required approval process. 

Though encouraged, there is no requirement to develop your own scholarly information website. Also, if you have already purchased your own web domain and developed your own site to share scholarly activity, you are not in any violation or under any requirement to build a new WVU site.

Simplified web pages (containing only contact info, photo, brief bio, and CV) have been developed for all CEHS faculty members on their departmental websites. You can find the link to your page by visiting your department website's "Faculty & Staff" page and clicking on your name. ( For your convenience, there is a small "update page" link that will take you to an online form where you can request updates to your page, when necessary.)

For those of you who choose to develop more extensive WVU Faculty websites, your name will be linked to your new site upon its launch. For those who choose not to develop their own website, your name will remain linked to the simple faculty web page on your departmental site. 

Our CEHS Professional Technologist will be available for training, technical assistance, and troubleshooting.   

Information that is NOT appropriate to include on your faculty websites:

  • Personal business information or advertisements - If you conduct a business in your free time, it is not appropriate to advertise your business on a WVU owned website. These sites are reserved for professional information as it relates to your scholarly activity at WVU. Please purchase your own personal web space for other personal or business uses.
  • Personal contact information - While some may find it beneficial to include their cell phone numbers for student use, please do not share your home address or other personal contact information that you do not want available for all to see on the Internet.
  • Family photos or information - Please use your faculty website for professional information, only. While including your interests and hobbies may be helpful in developing a connection with prospective students, please do not share any family information or photos. 
  • Cartoons, jokes, memes, etc. - Please keep your website content professional.