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Branded Templates

Below you will find official wordmarks (logos) and editable templates that have been appropriately branded to adhere to West Virginia University branding guidelines. If you'd like to learn more about the WVU Brand, please visit the official university branding website at

Microsoft Word/Powerpoint Templates

Follow the link, below, to choose and download CEHS branded powerpoint, handout, flyer, student handbook, etc. templates.

View Branded Templates

CEHS Sub-Brand Logo

west virginia university college of education and human services logo

When using the official CEHS wordmark, it is very important that you not stretch or skew the graphic in any way. If you need to scale the graphic to fit into your document, please always assure it remains in the proper proportion. If you have any questions or need a document reviewed, please contact

NOTE TO CEHS ACADEMIC DEPARTMENTS: In reference to your department, please use the CEHS wordmark and then type your department name below it. 

Download CEHS Wordmark

West Virginia University Logos and Wordmarks

Please visit the WVU Brand website to download other University logos and wordmarks.

WVU Brand Downloads