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office of Advancement

Marketing and Communications

College News Communications

CEHS maintains several avenues of both internal and external communications. We regularly communicate with students, faculty, staff, alumni and more, to share our college accolades and put our name in front of the public eye. To do so, effectively, we absolutely need your help in informing us when new and exciting things are happening!

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Web Development

We now live in a world where the Internet is the first go-to source for information. Therefore, our CEHS college website (and the five associated departmental sites) are the backbone of our recruitment messaging in communication with our prospective student audience. We need the help of department chairs, program directors, faculty, and staff to lend their knowledge in developing attractive website content and in keeping that content up-to-date so that we always have our best face forward, online. 

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Social Media Development

Over the past decade, social media has become one of the most important and widely accessible communication tools available. CEHS maintains Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn accounts to regularly communicate with our subscribed audience. We can not only share information on our accounts, we can also help you develop your own accounts and the necessary social media communication plans to help you grow your audience. 

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Printed Communications

Though we live in an increasingly digital age, there is still a place for print in program and event marketing and recruitment. Brochures, booklets, mailers, newspaper advertisements, and other print pieces can all be completed in-house with the requested assistance of our graphic designer. 

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Branded Templates

It is important that we put our most professional face forward, when representing our College to external audiences. One way to help do so is to make sure we are using WVU branded presentations, handouts, communications, etc. To help as you're developing your materials, we've made several Microsoft Word and Power Point templates available, for your use.

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