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Office of Advancement

Alumni/Development Events

Multiple events that are focused engaging our alumni, donor and friends take place annually. Below is a list of current CEHS events that are planned by our office.

CEHS Annual Alumni Dinner
This event takes place each spring. Invitees include all alumni, visiting committee and faculty/staff.

CEHS Emeritus Reception
This event takes place the first Saturday in June each year, as part of alumni weekend. All emeritus alumni and faculty are invited to join the dean for a private reception at Lakeview. Select members of faculty and staff are invited.

CEHS Donor and Scholar Luncheon
This event takes place each fall. All scholarship donors, recipients and their parents are invited for to a celebratory/stewardship luncheon. Due to space limitations, select faculty/staff are invited.

CEHS Hall of Fame
This event takes place each October. The event begins with a private reception where nominees, nominators, nominee friends and family, visiting committee, select donors and others are invited. The induction ceremony follows and is open to the public.

CEHS Teacher Mentor Dinner
This is a private event, which was inaugurated in fall 2016. This event includes four to five selected alumni or donors to participate in a mentor dinner involving around 20 pre-service teacher students. Select faculty will be invited to attend, as well as other select alumni and donors.

CEHS Graduation Ceremonies
Ceremonies in December and May are coordinated by the Assistant Director of Development and Outreach. For further information on the event, please see: CEHS Graduation Information