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Office of Advancement

Annual Fund Gifts

The CEHS annual fund is an important source of primary support for the college. Annual fund gifts provide the dean, department and program leaders the flexibility to identify priority areas in need of additional resources in order to best meet the college’s mission and vision.

Annual Fund = $1 to $99

Foundation Associates = $100 to $999

Foundation partners = $1,000 to $24,999

Non-endowed fund = $5,000 to $24,999 (donors have the option to establish a named fund)

Non-endowed fund

A non-endowed named fund can be established at a minimum of $5,000. This can be pledged over a five year period. At this level, a donor can designate specific criteria for the established fund.

Phone-a-thon and Thank-a-thons

Each year, the WVU Foundation facilitates a phone-a-thon in the spring semester to solicit identified prospect pools via a week long phone-a-thon. Our college is responsible for providing WVU Mountaineer Line student callers with a “college brag sheet”. This will highlight information that may be of interest of the donor. This sheet will provide general and specific department, program, faculty, and student information. Prior to each phone-a-thon the advancement office will solicit this information from departments via department chairs.

Gold Blue and You (campus campaign)

Each year, WVU faculty and staff make gifts to financially strengthen the University. Generous internal financial contributions are an excellent example of how faculty and staff support the University beyond their day-to-day responsibilities.  In April, we annually provide more information about this campaign and find new ways to strengthen our faculty/staff ties to the college.