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Office of Advancement

Branded Merchandise

In order to purchase West Virginia University branded merchandise for your event, group, program, project, center, etc. you MUST work through the West Virginia University Trademark Licensing Office. WVU Trademark Licensing protects the reputation and goodwill of West Virginia University through the control of the appearance of its name and indicia in the marketplace and elsewhere.

Note: We've asked each department to pick one or two contacts for ordering branded merchandise. Please work with your department's point(s) of contact to complete orders.
If you just need a few CEHS or WVU merchandise items, please contact The Office of Advancement may be able to supply just a few items.

Ordering Process for WVU Branded Products

If you are a point of contact for ordering WVU branded products for your department, the procedure is as follows:
  • Visit the WVU Trademark Licensing website for a complete list of licensed vendors (licensees).
  • Browse through the approved vendors' stock until you've found the merchandise you'd like to purchase.
  • Contact the vendor and work with them to produce your properly branded merchandise. If you need a copy of our college logo to use for printing your items, please see the CEHS brand page
  • When you place your order, complete and submit the Product Request Form . (If ordering multiple products from one vendor, you may use one form for the entire order placed at one time. However, when reordering products, a new form needs to be completed with each new order.)
  • The licensed vendor then submits the design draft to WVU Trademark Licensing for review.
  • A decision is made about the design. If needed, WVU Trademark Licensing communicates to the licensed vendor any changes that need to be made to the design prior to the order being filled.
For more information on branding guidelines for apparel and promotional products, please visit the WVU Trademark Licensing Website at the link below.

Visit Trademark Licensing Website
Please note: If you order WVU branded merchandise from a vendor that is NOT approved by WVU Trademark Licensing, you will be prohibited from utilizing your unapproved merchandise.