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The CEHS Office of Advancement - created from the merger of the Communications/Marketing Office and the Office of Development - directs the alumni relations, communications, marketing, and fundraising efforts of the college, with the purpose of increasing awareness, engagement and giving.



University Relations has launched the process for Faculty to request web space to house their scholarly information. Learn more on our Faculty Websites page. 

CEHS Advancement Priorities

The overarching purpose of the advancement team is to best communicate with our colleges constituents to foster a culture of engagement and giving back.  We want our constituents (internally and externally) to feel involved and a part of the college, no matter their location.  In order to do this, we will focus on the following priority areas.


WVU continues to take the lead not only in its state presence, but on a national level as well.  CEHS Advancement will be proactive in its approach to increase awareness of our college, telling stories in consistent, strategic and compelling ways.  In doing so, we will continue to align our efforts with the vision and mission of the college and university, as well as be proactive in telling our stories in a timely and targeted manor. 


It is important that CEHS not only connects with external constituents through stories and media, but also through direct engagement with our students, faculty and staff.  Our team will work with our internal constituents to connect our external constituents through opportunities such as serving as board members, events, mentor opportunities, speaking opportunities, and more.


As economic uncertainty continues to remain a concern for some following the recession of 2008, advancement will continue to make a convincing case for support to the college.  In a time of rising cost of tuition, student support will remain a top priority.  With continued state budget cuts, programs, research, and other discretionary support will also remain at the forefront of our efforts.  A strong focus on donor relationships and stewardship, new prospect identification through events and visits, and an increased emphasis on major, leadership and principle gifts will also foster this case for support.


CEHS is the premier college of education and human services in the state.  With access to advanced teaching, learning, research and innovation, CEHS is positioned to provide a quality education to its students, as well as access to its many resources for the immediate community.  It is our job in advancement, to inform the community and the state of our offerings, and work to identify new partnerships which in turn allow our college to expand its reach and impact.


In conjunction with our internal constituents, advancement will work to stay abreast regarding federal and state policy that impacts our work as a college, in both education and human services.  We encourage faculty and staff to inform us of any state or national stories that relate to our programs, research or individuals involved with our college.  These stories may be impactful and drive awareness and change not only at our college, but in our communities and our state.


It is important to recognize the efforts and accomplishments of our faculty, staff, alumni, students, and friends in the education and human services fields.  Our team will make every effort possible to identify these successes and will recognize constituents through stories, press releases, events, personal notes, and others ways, with the help from CEHS faculty and staff.