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About Our College

College Administration

Dean's Office

Dean's Office Administrative Staff

Eva Marie Thomas, Administrative Assistant Senior 
802A2 Allen Hall, 304-293-5704,

Rosemary Hriblan, Administrative Associate
802G Allen Hall, 304-293-3334,

Business Office

Clifton Colebank, Chief Business Officer
806G Allen Hall, 304-293-3406,

Carol Spiroff, Business Manager
806E Allen Hall, 304-293-3803,

Sherry Uphold
806D Allen Hall, 304-293-7637,

Tina Myers, EBO Office Administrator 
806B Allen Hall, 304-293-6033,

Office of Advancement

Lindsey Kudaroski, Marketing and Communications Director, Office of Advancement 
609E Allen Hall, 304-293-0224,

Kimberly Mocniak, Administrative Associate, Office of Advancement 
806F Allen Hall, 304-293-5705,

CEHS Office Directors/Managers

Cathie Falvey, Program Manager, Office Accreditation and Records 
802H Allen Hall, 304-293-0127,