CEHS is offering a student teaching permit clinic to help guide future student teachers through obtaining a student teaching permit.. March 25, 2014 and March 27, 2014 from 3:00 – 5:00 pm. Click here for more information.

Applications for Fall 2014 student teaching are due ASAP (no later than Feb.14th). Applications received after Feb. 14th will be considered early for Spring 2015 student teaching.

“All candidates (at least 90 days) prior to commencing a student teaching/internship experience in a West Virginia public school must submit a Student Teaching Permit application to the West Virginia Department of Education. The permit must be approved before candidates begin the experience.” (WVDE 3/13)

Criminal Background Checks

Obtain a fingerprint/background check through MorphoTrust (formerly L-1 Solutions) by visiting one of their LiveScan locations around the state.
These can be scheduled online at this address:
or scheduled by phone: 1-855-766-7746.
Cost for MorphoTrustcriminal background check is approximately $45.

“Applications without cards or transaction receipts will not be processed.” (WVDE 3/13)


Information and forms for this process can be obtained at the following WVDE website:

The following forms will need to be submitted with your transaction receipt.

1) Form 7: Applicant Consent/Release of Background Results. (Be sure to click on the version of Form 7 that appears first on the page. This is the one that includes directions for the Student Teaching Permit.)

Note: Must obtain Verification of Notary Public. Beth Lefevre or Char Allen in 710 Allen Hall can provide this service.
Note: You will need a complete a separate Form 7 for every county in which you will have a placement. Check with your supervisor to determine how many Form 7’s you will need to complete.

2) Form 1: Applicant Information Page (See Instructions Provided with Form on
Website) Note: Do Not Need to do Part 5 or use Form 4B.

3) Form 24: Student Teaching Permit

Note: Complete your name and Social Security number

Note: Part 1 – Institutional Information
See your respective placement coordinator:

  • John Stallings -Benedum program
  • Sylvia Berryhill – MAC, program,
  • Victoria Fergus – Art
  • Janet Robbins – Music
  • Sean Bulger – Phys. Ed
  • Pete Shaffron – Health
  • Harry Boone – Agriculture

Note: Part 2 – Institutional Verification
See Mike Sekula in 710 Allen Hall


For your criminal background check, you must submit a check or money order made payable to the WVDE in the amount of $25. This fee covers the cost of the Form 24, permit application.

A certification packet which includes instructions and all forms is available in the Center for Student Advising or from your placement coordinator. There will be a WV State Permit clinic in spring and the date and time will be announced soon. The clinics are held on the 7th floor of Allen Hall..

MorphoTrust will be on hand to perform fingerprinting and there will be Notary Publics available (at no cost) to notarize the forms. Students should complete the forms as much as possible and bring to the clinic. Please remember to bring a check or money order to pay for the fingerprinting.

All completed forms must be returned to:
Michael Sekula
West Virginia University
College of Education and Human Services
710 Allen Hall
P. O. BOX 6122
Morgantown, WV 26506 6122

If you have any questions, please call Mike Sekula at (304)293-3983. Thank you.