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CEHS Research Office

Services Provided to Aid in Research

The CEHS Research Office provides grant-related services and information to faculty. These include, but are not limited to, the following:

Pre-Award Support

Proposal Preparation

Assistance in preparing funding agency and University proposal forms. Through this process, the CEHS Research Office will check all proposal documents to ensure they comply with RFP guidelines for submission, and we will help make any necessary changes.

Budget Preparation

Budget Forms

Essential Budget Items


CEHS Salary Incentive Policy

View CEHS Salary Incentive Policy Document

CEHS Course Release Policy

Regarding buy-outs from externally funded grants

Any grant funds must equal at least 10 percent of the faculty member’s salary, plus fringe benefits, to buy out a single course.

The minimum CEHS course load is 1/1 (with rare exceptions). If a faculty member is on a 2/2 course load assignment, then a grant can buy out 1 course out of the 4. A second grant could buy out another course, resulting in a 1/1 course load. Any additional course buy-outs could be distributed to a co-PI within the college.

Therefore, even if a faculty member had multiple grants that could buy out all of their courses, such a situation would not be allowed. A preferable situation is for the faculty member who has a large grant will support one or more CEHS faculty members who are collaborators (co-PIs) on the grant(s), thereby reducing their colleagues’ course loads, e.g.: 
– PI: Buy out 1 course 
– Co-PI: Buy out 1 course

Faculty members are evaluated annual on teaching/research/service (see WVU “mother document”). Thus, faculty members must teach, at minimum 1/1, to fulfill their professional obligations.

Research and teaching are viewed as being reciprocal in nature; research should inform teaching; teaching should inform research. Thus, a faculty member who has grant-funded research should be teaching so that they can better prepare students to learn from the research, become researchers themselves etc.

Facilities and Administration Rates and Fringe Rates

View F&A Rates and Fringe benefits rates 

Post Award Support

The CEHS Research Office is committed to supporting faculty by administering funded projects. In this role, the CEHS Expert Business Office monitors project financial activities and compliance as established by Federal and State law, agency regulations, and University and College policies and procedures.

The post-award services provide include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Budget monitoring, including authorizing appropriate expenditures for travel and purchasing, and assuring compliance with agency, University and College purchasing and travel policies.
  • Preparation and distribution of monthly budget sheet summaries that include up-to-date information regarding expenditures, encumbrances and remaining available balances.
  • Availability to conduct one-on-one meetings with the PI to discuss project status, expenditures, remaining budget, anticipated purchases, and planning for future budget expenditures.
  • Ensuring compliance with applicable contract and grant terms, Federal and State regulations and University policies and procedures.
  • Prompt processing of travel reimbursements, student stipends pending, and tuition waivers.
  • Management of project closeout; starting six months prior to the end of a project, the Expert Business Office will work with the PI to review expenditures, remaining budget, and planned purchases to assure that projects end on or under budget.

Other Documents and Forms