CEHS LiveText

The College of Education and Human Services has implemented the LiveText system (www.livetext.com) as its Student Assessment Management System. LiveText will allow faculty members to evaluate students in key assessment areas and collect data via web-based forms, students to build professional portfolios for demonstration of competencies throughout their program, and administrators to report accurate and up-to-date data for the accreditation of CEHS academic programs.

LiveText’s recommended web browser is FireFox (version 1.0 or greater). To download FireFox free of charge, visit www.getfirefox.com.

Purchasing and Registering Your Account

For Faculty

There is no cost associated with faculty accounts. You will need to obtain the access code from Tim Mitchem in the Teaching and Learning Technologies Center (TLTC) on the 4th floor of Allen Hall. He can help you with registering your new account.

For Students

5-year subscriptions cost $98 and will need to be purchased from www.livetext.com. Click on the Purchase/Register link at the top of the page. You will want to select the Standard Edition and NOT the Learn 360 Edition.

Even though you may use LiveText in multiple classes, you only need to purchase ONE LiveText account.

How to Purchase Your Account

NOTE: When registering, be sure to select West Virginia University-School of Education from the drop-down box for the institution, use your Mix Email Address as your school email address and your 700 # as your School ID.


Note: You will need to log into your LiveText account to view some of the tutorials below.

Course Assignments

For Faculty

For Students


For Students

  • How to Create a Portfolio from a Template (coming soon!)
  • How to Edit a Portfolio Page (coming soon!)
  • How to Create New Portfolio Pages (coming soon!)
  • How to Link to Attachments within a Portfolio Page (coming soon!)
  • How to Upload Documents for Future Use (coming soon!)
  • How to Send a Portfolio for Review (coming soon!)
  • How to Share Portfolio with a Non-LiveText User


For Faculty


For Students

Training and Support

Students can check with their instructors for training opportunities.

To contact LiveText Technical Support with any questions, email support@livetext.com or call 1-866-LiveText (1-866-548-3839).