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Dedicated faculty and staff are the foundation of the entire College of Education and Human Services experience. They are a diverse and experienced group committed to mentoring, outstanding teaching and serving as national leaders in their fields. 

Faculty Research Spotlights 


Robert A. Waterson, Ph.D.

For Waterson, who has dedicated his life to social studies, his research as well as his experiences has led him to the conclusion that in-depth civics education in schools is one of the ways students become good citizens. In becoming a teacher of curriculum, he witnessed the reserve side social studies, finding that many pre-service teachers often viewed their social studies assignments as just something to get through. He concluded that the ideals espoused by Americans started with civics educations, and that pre-service teachers must first be empowered before they can, in turn, empower their students to be active citizens.  

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Kristin Moilanen, Ph.D.

As a high school student, Dr. Kristin Moilanen wondered what led some of her peers to engage in risky behaviors while others chose not to. This question led her to pursue degrees in developmental psychology and become a “scholar of adolescence,” as she puts it, and it has been the driving force of her research ever since, as she has strived to uncover developmental predictors for risky behaviors in adolescents and young adults.  

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Jeffrey Carver, Ph.D. 

After several years teaching chemistry, physics and physical science in high schools in IL, Carver thought teaching post-secondary science courses would be his career path. While pursuing his doctorate, a change in the program required that he transition his Ed.D. in Curriculum & Instruction from an area of emphasis in post-secondary education to an area of emphasis in teacher education. Since then, he has made his career instructing future science educators and conducting research in the improvement of teaching and learning in science. . 

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Faculty Areas of Expertise 

Our faculty commit to a wide variety of research interests and areas of expertise. If you are looking for an expert in a specific area in your search for an academic mentor, a speaker for an academic event, or as a collaborator in a research project, please view the alphabetical list of research topics in which our faculty excel. 

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