Want to become a student at our college?

The WVU College of Education and Human Services will prepare you for more than a job. The college allows for the study of career paths that will allow you to impact lives. CEHS can be your choice for studies leading to a rewarding career in Education and Human Services.

You can pursue an undergraduate degree, transfer from another field of study (or university) or earn an advanced degree. If you are a prospective student interested in one of our undergraduate or graduate programs, here are some steps you can take to assist you in making that final decision:

Choose a program.

Having trouble viewing the drop down menus above? View our Academics page for more information on the majors/minors we offer.

To view a database of all the Academic Majors and Programs that WVU offers, please visit the following website: http://majors.wvu.edu
To view CEHS specific majors/programs, please choose the College of Education and Human Services from the search filter menu within the majors database website.

Ask questions.

If you have general questions about the programs we offer, feel free to fill out our Program Inquiry Form . If you have questions about our college in general, please feel free to contact CEHSadmin@mail.wvu.edu.

Make an appointment to speak with an academic advisor.

If you have questions about specific programs, please feel free to contact our CEHS academic advisors directly. At the following link, you will find a directory of all our advisors as well as their contact information and the duties they perform.

Apply Now!

If you have chosen to become a student at the WVU College of Education and Human Services, the first step is to apply to become a student of West Virginia University. Please do so at the following link: APPLY TO BECOME A WVU STUDENT