Master of Arts in Educational Psychology

About the program

The Educational Psychology program in the College of Education and Human Services offers opportunities for graduate study and research leading to a Master of Arts degree. The principal goal of the program is the education and training of professionals who will focus on teaching and learning environments as they carry out their missions associated with instruction, service, and research.

Professional preparation centers on the following three content areas:

  • Learning and development
  • Instructional development
  • Measurement, research, and statistics.

Programs are planned jointly by the student, the student’s adviser, and the student’s committee to meet particular career needs. In addition to the general requirements of the University and CEHS, there is a core of courses and supporting competencies required of all graduate students in the department.

Educational psychologists function in a variety of settings. The program is dedicated to the preparation and placement of competent educational psychologists for positions in educational settings at all levels; educational agencies at local, state, and federal levels; public and private human service centers; medical centers; business and industrial settings; and other settings.

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Program Contacts

Educational Psychology – General Area of Emphasis
Dan Hursh

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