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About Allen hall

The College of Education and Human Services primarily functions out of Allen Hall on the WVU Evansdale campus. Allen Hall is located on Oakland Street in Morgantown, WV, next to the Evansdale Residential Complex (Towers) and consists of the 4th floor through the 8th floor of the building. The first, second, and third floors are Percival Hall.  While the WVU Hearing Center is located on the 3rd floor of the building, in Percival Hall, most other CEHS offices, centers, clinics, and classrooms are located in Allen Hall.

Parking: Short-term paid parking is available close-by in lot 46 and ST6 on the WVU Evansdale Campus. Free parking is available at the WVU Coliseum.  Please refer to the Evansdale Campus parking map for more information.

Is your CEHS program or student organization interested in holding a bake sale or other fundraiser in Allen Hall? If so, please complete and submit the Request Space in Allen Hall online form.  

Allen Hall Directory

allen Hall
3rd Floor (Percival Hall)
Room 350 - WVU Hearing Clinic

4th Floor
Student Lounge
Room 404 - Teaching and Learning Technologies Center
Room 408 - S.T.E.M. Education Laboratory

5th Floor
Office Bay 502 - Department of Counseling, Rehabilitation Counseling, 
and Counseling Psychology 
Office Bay 506 - Department of Learning Sciences and Human Development 
Office Bay 507 - Child Development and Family Studies Programs
Office Bay 509 - Department of Special Education 

6th Floor
Office Bay 602 - Department of Curriculum and Instruction/Literacy Studies
Office Bay 606 - WVU Five-Year Teacher Education Program
Office Bay 608 - Educational Leadership Studies Programs

7th Floor
Room 700 - Center for Democracy and Citizenship Education
Room 709B - Program Evaluation and Research Center
Office Bay 710 - Office of Student Success 

8th Floor
Room 801 - WVU Speech Center 

Office Bay 802 - Office of the Dean
Room 802D - Office for Research
Room 802F - Communication and Marketing Office 

Office Bay 805 - Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders

Office Bay 806 - Business Office
Room 806F - College Development Office